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Piano Diaries - So many voices

Mass protests continue. But it feels like the agendas are getting diluted, usurped and hijacked. The graffiti is increasingly more confused, and people shouting slogans at me on my early morning run look like zombies - taken up by the excitement of a cause that has been so lacking for them as a way to alleviate the stasis of Lockdown, they relish ‘educating’ without really feeling necessarily what they are communicating. I have been making an effort not to follow the news for some time now. There is, for sure, genuine hurt and for so many things. The fever of tearing down of statues is only one such manifestation. Put everything hurtful into museums, one protester cried. As the country eases Lockdown, museums are firmly shut...

To make sense of things I turn to Bach. His democracy in the most complex musical forms is a balm, a solace.

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