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Don't let COVID-19 destroy our compassion, empathy and solidarity

How surreal everything feels. How divisive and hostile parts of society have become to age, profession, race, lifestyle in just a matter of days, if not hours. For most of us this is the first time in our lives (and perhaps the lives of our parents and elder friends and colleagues) that our sense of liberty is under impending infringement.

Musicians live to communicate. They live to speak through #music to bring together a group of people - who may have little in common as they settle down in the concert hall - into a world of shared experience, a communion. Hearing the audience's breathing become synchronised as your performance unfolds is a moment of untold joy. At that moment you know that your playing has initiated a sense of #compassion, #empathy and #solidarity. It is a truly sacred moment when you know - as cliched as it sounds - that you have touched these people deeply. They are not humans dealing individually with insecurity, isolation or fighting for survival, but are in the truest sense of the word #humanity.

As the novel #cornavirus #COVID19 has forced concert venues globally to shut their doors for the near future it is an experience that I know musicians will miss profoundly. Recorded performances are for now the only viable substitution.

Please enjoy these performances and #share!

Below is my live performance from Moscow a few weeks ago in the Scriabin Museum.

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