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Piano Diaries - Movement

#Lockdown has really highlighted how easy it is to take #movement for granted! With the easing of restrictions taking small steps, the streets and skies are not just a visual reminder of movement. As people are begin to take casual, perhaps inessential, strolls (rather than the one deliberate outing to stake their right for that ration of ‘one daily exercise’), idle chatter is heard in and out of focus as it mingles with the hum of the environment. How much movement in the sound in comparison to that chilling silence at the onset of Lockdown eight weeks ago...

To my mind, or rather ears, no one captures that garble of chatter, noise and environment better than #Debussy. His #piano works are like canvases of fleeting sounds - or rather, in the age before people were accustomed to moving images, a camera panning in and out of different frames... a sonic cinema!

With #London being treated to these recent balmy evenings, it is not difficult to relate to the Mediterranean sights and scents that are evoked by the sounds that inspired Debussy to compose his La soirée dans Grenade.


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